Performance review at the blink of an eye

With the Server Monitor you can easily monitor the availability and performance of your webserver(s) and website(s). Have the system monitor and log the performance of multiple webservers automaticly. Review the performance in detail at the blink of an eye !

The Server Monitor

  • will save you valuable time
  • will help you improve server performance
  • will warn you before and in case of system failure

The perfect tool for

  • Server technicians
  • Site and webmasters
  • Hosting Providers

Feature list

  • Monitor unlimited servers/sites
  • System performance history logs
  • Email notification on warning / failure
  • Sound warning on warning / failure
  • Customize main overview columns
  • Test any network port (0-65535)
  • Custom warning / failure levels
  • Refresh intervals 3 sec to 10 minits
  • Includes Google quicksearch

Resources monitored

  • Connectivity
  • Uptime
  • Online users *
  • CPU Load averages
  • CPU states
  • Memory usage
  • Diskdrive usage
  • MySQL performance *

* These resources do not have noticiation enabled yet.

  • Linux 2.4.9
  • Requires PHP4+
  • Supports Red Hat 8+
  • Any web browser

Support for other Linux kernels is in development.


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Main overview

The main Overview page shows all selected server url's and the response values from those servers. The shown data columns can be pre-selected on the admin page to show only what you want to monitor on the servers.

If any warnings or failures occur on resources that the system monitors then a warning / failure message and sound will be printed. Warnings and failures are printed in red colour to bring them to your attention immediatly.

Google quicksearch enables you to quickly browse to related online information.


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Detail view

The detail view shows the details of the server. Included in this view are ;

  • Hardware specifications (platform)
  • Uptime
  • Users online (logged in through shell)
  • CPU Load (averages per 1, 5 and 15 minits)
  • RAM, Cache and Swap memory (total, used, free, percentage)
  • Services available, available network ports (FTP, HTTP, POP3, etc..)


Click to enlarge Graphic performance statistics

With the generated statistics you can quickly view the performance of the specific system resource over a period of days/weeks.

High values (>80%) will be marked with a printed value (blue). The interval can be set to any time cycle you prefer, per default it is set to 5 minits.

The 'Log-All' page shows all generated statistic graphics on one page. With a few clicks you can then review the performance of your server over a period of days/weeks.


Click to enlarge Text performance statistics

The text statistics show the exact values and date/time stamp for the specified resource(s). These logs can be used to pinpoint the date/time in case of resources failures.


Click to enlarge Admin page

The text statistics show the exact values and date/time stamp for the specified resource(s). These logs can be used to pinpoint the date/time in case of resources failures.

!Note: We offer no online demo at the moment. Due to the massive usage of a public demo that server would quickly find its ports floaded with status requests resulting in a Denial Of Service.


Licenses for the software are sold one license per Master Server (*1) which can monitor local resources (eg. Memory, CPU Load, Diskusage, etc..) and monitor the services (eg. HTTP, POP3, FTP and other ports) of unlimited servers/sites.

For licenses for large networks please contact our sales staff for further information. (*2)
The Free (limited) version requires no license and is downloadable from the bottom of this page.

*1) The Master Server is the one of which you type the url to view the monitor. This server contacts the other (Slave Servers) and then lists the results. The above screenshots reflect this type of setup with one Master Server and several Slave Servers.

*2) Each license and system code is binded to the IP number of your Master Server where the monitor script operates. When your IP changes you can freely download a updated version for the duration of your license.

Note: Fee's are exclusive VAT. For Dutch residents 19% VAT is charged. For EU residents with an VAT number VAT is not charged.


After receiving your order you will be sent an confirmation message including the license details and payment information. After receiving payment you will be sent your account information to obtain your license key and software. The software will then be available for download, through your admin page, for the duration of your license period.

The supported payment methods are payment by bank transfer and online credit card payment. Paypal is also supported ! Your account will be activated within hours after payment has been processed.

To order your license, click the link below, then complete and submit the order form.
After submission the order and payment information will be sent to your given email address.
After receiving of payment your account will be activated for usage and you will be notified.

To continue ordering click here.

Free download

Get a feeling of how easy this makes your job as a server operator or webmaster.
Tryout part of this software for free ! No time limit disabling

This version includes :

  • Service port monitor, monitor standard site ports
    FTP, HTTP(S), POP3 and SMTP
  • Settings.txt file to add more URL's to monitor
  • Audible warning sound

Click here to download the Free tryout version of the Server Monitor.

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